About us

Re-Guard Ltd. is a 100 % Hungarian-owned company, founded in 2002. Since then we have been active in the safety market. In 2015 we established our subsidiary in Austria competence abroad.

In 2015 SAP integrated corporate governance system was introduced. To serve the growing clientele needs and to continuously expand our product portfolio, our current 1000 m 2018. 


Main activity

Our main activity is import and wholesale of disposable clothing and other health care products. 

Product categories

Medical and hygienic disposable products

Full spectrum of disposable safety products and tools

Workwear, even with logo customized

Sales representation

Exclusive representative, importer and distributor of a MAXTER Premium Quality gloves since 2008 in
Hungary and since 2015 in Austria

Exclusiverepresentative, importer and distributor of the Good Times condoms in Hungary and Austria since 2016

Exclusiverepresentative, importer and distributor of the gloves manufactured by the SHIELD Scientific company in Hungary since 2017


Our Partners

Public and private health care institutions and 

Food production, agriculture 

Pharmacies, laboratories 

Industry: mechanical engineering, chemical industry, automotive

Retail and wholesale resellers 

Medical and beauty providers